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Why ThermiVa has Changed Feminine Rejuvenation

Feminine rejuvenation is an umbrella phrase utilized to describe a scope of aesthetic and functional procedures that rectify the vagina and surrounding tissues. The labial and vulvar tissue can become loose due various reasons such as childbirth, genetics, menopause, congenital disease or trauma.  Historically, the options for feminine rejuvenation have been limited to surgical procedures that are risky, expensive and involve substantial downtime.

That is why we are proud to announce that Malik Medical Aesthetics is one of the first to bring this innovative treatment, ThermiVAâ, to south New Jersey.  ThermiVa treatments offers a completely non-surgical option for vulvovaginal rejuvenation without discomfort or downtime.

The standard protocol for the ThermiVaâ treatment includes 3 separate treatments spaced one month apart.  There is no downtime and no anesthetics are necessary.

How Does ThermiVa Works?

ThermiVa is a non-surgical treatment for vaginal rejuvenation that utilizes controlled thermal radiofrequency energy directly on the areas you would like to improve. Heating the tissue has become the standard methodology for promoting collagen remodeling.  This encourages the tissue to shrink and increases collagen production in the area as well as tighten the genital tissue to improve appearance, sensation, and strength.

Here are 7 reasons why ThermiVAâ is a game changer for feminine rejuvenation. This amazing treatment is helping women across the country in unimaginable ways. We could not be more excited to spread the word about this extraordinary technology that is now available to the women of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

1.) Quick & Painless

A slim probe is utilized to apply temperature-controlled radiofrequency to the inner vaginal tissue and the outer labia. There is not any discomfort and does not involve shots, prepping, anesthesia, cutting, sutures or any pain.

The total treatment time is an estimated 30 minutes. ThermiVaâ is a painless treatment without downtime and you can expect to resume normal activities right away.  It is frequently referred to as the “lunch break” procedure because it is so quick.

2.) Zero Down Time

There is zero recovery time. There is not a healing period post treatment.  You can exercise, have sex and return to all your regular activities immediately following the procedure.

3.) Rapid Postpartum Recovery Treatment

Women can be treated safely with ThermiVaâ as early as six weeks after giving birth.  This does wonders for women who have had multiple vaginal deliveries, women with stretching of the vaginal tissue, and women healing from episiotomies because of vaginal deliveries.  ThermiVa restores the elasticity of the vagina tissue more rapidly and will decrease the healing time in those who had tearing or episiotomies during childbirth.  Also, it is important to take note that breastfeeding is not a contraindication for ThermiVA.

4.) Treats Urinary Incontinence

Many women suffer from urinary leakage and incontinence.  Vaginal deliveries, c-sections, abdominal surgeries, menopause, and the impact of aging all play a role in this problem.  Although ThermiVa was initially developed as an aesthetic treatment, physicians and patients noticed an improvement in urinary stress or mild incontinence. The application of targeted and controlled radiofrequency shrinks and strengthens the vaginal walls and pelvic floor, which support the bladder.  Improving the support structure and firming up the vaginal tissues, the risk of leakage or incontinence is significantly reduced.

5.) Aesthetic Enhancements

Yoga pants and leggings can be out of the question if sagging has negatively impacted the outer parts of the vaginal area.  It is increasingly common for women to find themselves feeling self-conscious about the outward appearance of their vaginal area. Vaginal childbirth and menopause can exasperate the problem further.

The outer parts of the vagina contract closer to the body as ThermiVa tighten the skin of the vagina.  Visible results can be almost immediate; treatment providers can sometimes see the skin contracting during the actual procedure.

6.) Restores Moisture

Vaginal dryness can be caused by menopause and the lack of estrogen in the body. This can cause many unpleasant side effects such as bleeding, tearing, pain and other more serious.  Vaginal creams are usually prescribed to help with these symptoms, but most women find them to be messy and inconvenient.  ThermiVA offers women have another alternative.

7.) Enhances SEX

ThermiVa will improve your sex life. The word lives and life was chosen because your partner will notice a change as well.  The vagina will feel fuller, tighter and smoother following ThermiVA.  Many women who have not been able to achieve orgasms during sex have reported that they can now can thanks to ThermiVa.

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