ThermiVA® Is a Game Changer in Vaginal Rejuvenation

It is not uncommon for women to suffer from vaginal laxity, dryness and genital irritation following childbirth or as they progress through the stages of menopause. These conditions can range from being a mild annoyance to being a major obstruction to enjoying a satisfying quality of life.

ThermiVa is a game changer. These problems can now be addressed through a groundbreaking vaginal rejuvenation therapy called ThermiVA.

This non-surgical painless therapy can rejuvenate the vaginal canal and external tissue in just three short sessions, scheduled at monthly intervals, with no side effects or recovery time needed.

Living with issues of dryness, lack of libido or painful intercourse, urinary stress incontinence and emotional stress can be a thing of the past. Women can expect their results of feminine rejuvenation to allow them to enjoy better sexual satisfaction than ever before and make them feel like a new woman.

Benefits of ThermiVA for Vaginal Rejuvenation

ThermiVA® Can:

  • Tone and tighten the vaginal canal
  • Treat urinary incontinence and symptoms of urinary urgency
  • Aesthetically enhance the labial tissues to reduce sagging
  • Restore vaginal moisture to the labia and vagina
  • Improve organismic and sexual dysfunction

How Does ThermiVA® Work?

ThermiVA is a revolutionary vaginal tightening therapy that utilizes gentle radiofrequency energy to stimulate the production of collagen. This also has the capability to shrink the stretched tissues of the external labia and tighten the vagina. Heat is directed deep into tissues to boost the natural production of collagen which tones the vagina and alleviates bladder leakage caused by lax muscle tone around the urethra.

ThermiVA can relieve vaginal dryness by stimulating the internal structures that produce moisture within the vagina. Lack of lubrication can result in painful intercourse which can be emotionally stressful for women and their partners. This remarkable breakthrough in feminine rejuvenation is creating astonishing benefits for women.

ThermiVA Treatment Results & Recovery

ThermiVa is a quick, noninvasive, in-office treatment that requires no anesthesia. A slim, S-shaped handpiece with a thermistor tip is used to gently warm the external labia and vaginal canal. The tissue temperature is precisely monitored to ensure optimal treatment temperature and safety.

A warm sensation is created with no pain during or after the treatment.  There is no downtime after the treatment and women can immediately return to their normal activities the same day, including sexual activity. To achieve optimal results three treatments, each treatment about one month apart is standard protocol.

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