What is HydraFacial?

The HydraFacial MD has landed at the South Jersey Mullica Hill office of Malik Medical Aesthetics!

HydraFacial is a non-invasive and non-laser skin treatment that uses the 4-in-1 Vortex Technology™ and various serums to remove dead skin layers, clear out pores, and hydrate and brighten your skin.

With the benefits of a chemical peel and a microdermabrasion, the non-invasive HydraFacial treatment is able to tackle a wide range of skin conditions. Only HydraFacial MD uses patented technology and super serums made with nourishing ingredients to cleanse, extract, hydrate, and create an instantly gratifying glow.

It’s no wonder it’s the go-to treatment for Hollywood’s A List.


  • It is our promise to you that HydraFacial will not only improve the look of your skin, but with frequent treatments, will restore skin health.
  • It is our belief that beautiful skin instills a deep confidence that amplifies inner beauty.
  • It is our mission to reveal the best skin of your life.

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Is HydraFacial Right for You?

Yes; HYDRAFACIAL IS FOR EVERYONE, and treats ALL skin types. The treatment can specifically address:

  • Fine Lines + Wrinkles
  • Elasticity + Firmness
  • Even Tone + Vibrancy
  • Skin Texture
  • Brown Spots
  • Oily + Congested Skin
  • Enlarged Pores

HydraFacial causes NO pain, no bruising, and can be done during your lunch break, allowing you to return to work as soon as possible.

HydraFacial Treatment

Smiling woman enjoying in her healthy skin, middle aged lady touching her face

Our staff has been trained in the multi-step procedure by the HydraFacial team, and we use the 4-in-1 Vortex Technology™ with exchangeable tips to administer the serums in order to exfoliate, peel, extract impurities, and hydrate your skin.

Our HydraFacial MD treatment incorporates a total of six different stages:

  • Lymphatic Drainage
    Bacteria, oil, and dirt that have accumulated on your skin are suctioned away, leaving the skin feeling light and healthy
  • Cleansing and Exfoliation
    Dead skin cells are removed to encourage growth of new, healthy skin
  • Glycolic Acid Peel
    A chemical peel that removes the outer layer of skin to encourage new skin growth and create a clean and tight sensation
  • Signature Vortex Extraction
    A suction is used to clean out your pores
  • Signature Vortex Infusion Hydrations
    These fill your fresh, clean skin with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to add to that plump & rejuvenated glow
  • LED Lights
    Depending on your skin type, an LED light is used to complete the process; a red light is used to simulate collagen production and calm redness, while blue light reduces acne-causing bacteria

Watch It Work

It’s the unique serum delivery system that puts the HydraFacial into a category of its own. Watch the multi-step treatment cleanse, exfoliate and extract to get rid of impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time quenching skin with vital nutrients like antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. The amazing results are both instant and long-lasting.

Types of HydraFacial Treatments

Need an extra boost? Tailor your HydraFacial treatment with award-winning super serums to address specific skin concerns:

  • BRIGHTALIVE BOOST: Minimizes the appearance of discoloration and brightens skin tone for an instantly gratifying glow.
  • GROWTH FACTOR BOOST: Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to restore skin health and vitality.
  • DERMABUILDER BOOST: Minimizes signs of aging and recharges skin with a patented combination of peptides.
  • BRITENOL BOOST: Minimizes the appearance of dark spots and sun spots for an even complexion.
  • HYDRAFACIAL BRIGHTALIVE BOOSTER SERUM: Created from the partnership between HydraFacial and Zo Skin Health, it revitalizes your overall skin health and increase rejuvenation. Only selected physicians have this treatment, and we’re one of them!

HydraFacial Results

HydraFacial delivers instant and long-lasting results. It removes dead skin and stimulates the growth of new skin, and treatments of HydraFacial for acne clean the skin layers. Frequent treatments may leave your skin looking revitalized and healthier, without a red patch in sight.

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We at Malik Medical Aesthetics believe that you deserve healthy skin. Any adult who wants to keep their skin glowing and flawless should consider a HydraFacial treatment. The HydraFacial cost is affordable, ranging from $150 and $300 per treatment. To learn more about HydraFacials or request an appointment in Mullica Hill, NJ, call (856) 478-4700 or contact us online today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a non-invasive, non-laser treatment that cleanses and hydrates your skin, extracts bacteria and other blockages, and uses serums with nourishing ingredients to create an instantly satisfying glow.

What is Exfoliating?

Exfoliation is the removal of the layer of dead skin cells. It is a step in the HydraFacial process that encourages the growth of new skin.

Is HydraFacial Good for Your Skin?

Yes. HydraFacial removes dead skin, stimulates the growth of new skin, and prevents acne. Frequent treatments also leave your skin looking revitalized and healthier.

Is HydraFacial Good for Rosacea?

Yes, it may be beneficial. Rosacea causes redness, visible blood vessels, and small, pus-filled bumps on your skin. While medication and laser therapy are usually used to treat rosacea, certain skin treatments may also be beneficial, such as IPL Photofacial therapy and HydraFacials. Talk with a healthcare professional about the best treatment option for your rosacea.

Where Can I Receive the HydraFacial Brightalive Booster Serum?

The Mullica Hill office of Malik Medical Aesthetics is one of the select few practices that offers this unique treatment, which was created from the partnership between HydraFacial and Zo Skin Health.