Laughter, sadness, anger and surprise – your face shows all of these emotions to the world. After decades of emotions, your facial muscles have been put to the test, leading to wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines.

All these signs of emotion can leave you looking older than your years – but thanks to today’s technology, we can significantly reduce their appearance on your face with BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment.

BOTOX® is the most common cosmetic procedure in the United States with millions of treatments each year. It’s been around for over 20 years, with hundreds of studies proving its safety. There has been in increase in patients in their 20’s that are receiving BOTOX® to help prevent future wrinkles and lines.

How Botox Works

We administer small injections directly into the area you’d like to improve. These small injections temporarily reduce the nerve signals to the targeted muscle areas.

The purified protein from the injection goes to work immediately on the facial muscles that are causing wrinkles. You will begin to notice visible improvements over the next month and you’ll have smoother skin for up to four months.

If you’re concerned about pain or have sensitive facial areas, we’ll be happy to apply an ice pack or anesthetic cream to the area we’ll be working on.

Who is a Good Candidate for Botox Injections?

Men or women who wish to reduce the appearance of or help prevent wrinkles without have to undergo surgery. They should also be healthy and aware that temporary bruising at injection site can occur.

What is Botox Used For

Botox® cosmetic treatments can improve:

  • Worry lines in forehead
  • Lines between the eyebrows
  • Smile lines
  • Laugh lines, from nose to mouth
  • Crow’s feet

We welcome you to come in and talk about if BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment is right for you, and we’ll be glad to answer any and all of your questions. We are proud to be designated a ‘Diamond’ Botox practice, awarded to only top 2% of nationwide Cosmetic Injection Practices by Allergan.

How Much Does Botox Cost in Philadelphia and New Jersey?

All patient situations are unique which makes their needs different. The cost of Botox treatment varies per person due to each person needing a different number of syringes. We are happy to answer any and all questions about Botox cost at your initial consultation and over the phone. Ask us about our financing options as well to help ease the cost of Botox injection.

Botox® for Underarm Sweating

Botox is now FDA approved for severe underarm sweating when topical agents do not work.

Botox treatment helps control this condition by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. When the sweat glands do not receive chemcial signals, the severe sweating stops.

You should notice a significant reduction in underarm sweating within 4 weeks of your first treatment.

In a clinical study, patients treated with Botox for severe underarm sweating, experienced results for about 200 days or 6 months. It is not a cure, your symptoms will return gradually and you will know when the time is right for another treatment.

Find out if you’re a candidate and start living a more stress free life!

Botox Results: Before & After

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