Intravenous Vitamin Therapy – Myers Cocktail

Myers’ Cocktail is a formula of intravenous vitamins and minerals that were pioneered by the late Dr. John Myers, MD.

Many of the patients who found relief with these infusions sought continued treatments from Dr. John Myers, MD, a renowned nutritional medicine expert who became one of the major proponents of this treatment. Working with these patients, Dr. Malik found that Dr. Myers had been successful in treating a surprisingly large number of clinical conditions with this nutrient infusion.

What is Myer’s Cocktail

The “Cocktail” includes magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins (including B12), and Vitamin C and is given by a slow IV push or slow infusion to achieve concentrations of nutrients that are not obtainable with oral administration.

For certain patients, this treatment can be seen as a multivitamin administered directly into the bloodstream. If patients have difficulty digesting food or for another reason do not receive full benefit from taking vitamin pills, they may respond well to an IV nutritional regimen.

For other patients, this therapy provides a targeted treatment for a variety of medical conditions.

Myers’ Cocktail uses vitamins and minerals that have known nutritional benefits and low potential for serious side effects. Patients who receive treatments may experience a sensation of heat, which is likely due to magnesium. Magnesium may also cause lower blood pressure with lightheadedness if administered too rapidly. Some patients, such as those taking digoxin, should avoid treatment, and a physician’s evaluation is needed to ensure its safety. All IV infusions share the risks of pain, infection, or inflammation at the injection site.


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What are the uses of IV Vitamin Therapy?

  • Nutritional Deficiency due to poor nutrition or malabsorption
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Anti-Aging treatments
  • Helps heal the injuries faster
  • Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients may benefit
  • Helps mitigate “Hangover” symptoms
  • Adjuvant and supportive therapy in cancer patients

Are there any side effects of IV Vitamin Therapy

There are very few side effects associated with high doses of intravenous vitamin C along with other Vitamins added to the Myers Cocktail. A very small percentage of the population has a deficiency in the enzyme known as Glucose-6-Phospate Dehydrogenase or G6PD. This enzyme is found in the blood and is necessary for the production of glutathione in red blood cells. Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant and is able to reduce hydrogen peroxide in the protection of normal cells. A simple blood test is used to determine the presence of this enzyme. High dose vitamin C is contraindicated in patients with an iron overload disease. It is also contraindicated in patients with renal insufficiency or renal failure, or those undergoing dialysis. Such patients will be evaluated and the formulae modified to prevent such side effects

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