What is a “G-Spot Shot”

This is a local collagen-based filler injection in an area in the anterior wall of the vagina where the G-Spot is located. It can amplify the stimulation of the area significantly in most women.

How Does a “G-Spot Shot” Work?

It’s a virtually painless procedure performed in the office under local anesthesia. The procedure usually takes 10-15 minutes and has no downtime.

“G-Spot Shot” Results

The effects may last 4-6 months or even longer. The duration depends on the type of filler used during the procedure as the degradation of the collagen-like material occurs slowly over a period of months. Individual results may vary.

How Much does a “G-Spot Shot” Cost?

The cost of a “G-Spot Shot” can vary. Contact us or schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss all your payment options. * Results are not guaranteed and individual results may vary.