Jeuveau® by Evolus™ is a prescription injection used on the muscles in the faces of adults for a short period of time to improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines. Jeuveau® is called “Newtox” because it’s a new formulation of the same basic ingredient used in Botox injections. There are key differences between Jeuveau® and other botulinum toxin injections that allow it to work better for certain types of facial wrinkles. This new version is also slightly more affordable for the end consumer.

Jeuveau®, being newer to the market than the original Botox, is currently only approved by the FDA for the treatment of glabellar lines (vertical lines between the brows), but for that it can be very effective. It can also be used off-label for other parts of the body if directed by one of our physicians.

Unlike with cosmetic surgery, there is no downtime following wrinkle injections. You can resume normal daily activity following treatment, as long as you show care around the injection sites. The effects of these injections generally wear off after several weeks to months. It is recommended to schedule treatment again after 3 months.

* Results are not guaranteed and individual results may vary.

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